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The Civics Center's 1,000 Schools Initiative

Strong voter participation is essential to a strong democracy. But youth voices often go unheard. For decades, young people have voted at lower rates than older generations. Most of the 3.7 million students who will graduate high school this year are eligible to register to vote. We can empower them to uplift their voices in 2020.

That’s why we’re supporting The Civics Center’s 1,000 Schools Challenge to activate high school students to plan voter registration events in 1,000 schools by November. We need your help to make voter registration an integral part of the high school experience across America.

The Civics Center provides free resources to students and educators who hold nonpartisan voter registration events in their schools. To join the Challenge, sign up for a 45-minute workshop at Once you’ve attended the workshop, you can register your drive and receive Democracy in a Box, a free starter kit with pens, clipboards, stickers, posters, candy, and more to help students along the way. Then you’re ready to hold your drive and empower future voters!

If you are interested in holding a drive at your own school, feel free to send us an email or contact us on Instagram @makeit.100

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