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Announcing Perkiomen Valley's First-Ever Voter Registration Event

Perkiomen Valley High School will be holding its first-ever voter registration drive from December 16 to December 20 (the week before holiday break)!

Will you be 18 by April 28, 2020? If so, visit the table outside the cafeteria during your lunch, and we'll help you register---it takes just five minutes. All you need is your driver's license OR the last four digits of your social security number. (If you do not have access to either, ask a volunteer and we can help you).

Registering to vote is fast, easy, and most importantly, enduring---those who register to vote at a young age are more likely to develop habits and continue going to the polls for the rest of their lives. And with your help, we can give a voice to youth in our area and across the country in upcoming elections. All you have to do is give five minutes out of your day to make a lasting impact on our democracy.

22% of 18-year olds are registered to vote across the US. Can we make that 100?

-The Make it 100 team

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