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Interviewing PV Students

Make it 100 asked students why they're going to register to vote and why they think civic engagement is important. We'll let their words speak for themselves:

"Voting is a way to change the government in a way you can't through petitions or social media."
"Voting is an integral part of American politics. Because political issues are becoming more polarized, voters hold a civic responsibility to enact change."
"It allows you to have a say about issues that will affect your future and allows your voice to be heard."
"It gives us the power of expression in our government."
"Voting has been withheld from many groups in American society for so long. Now that I have the power to vote, why not use it?"
"I'm sick of feeling ignored just because I'm young."
"I want to have a say in my future and let politicians know that I'm here and I want change to happen."

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