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An Update

Hi everyone. We hope you’re all doing well, staying safe, and finding little ways to stay sane during these uncertain times. To the class of 2020, we’re with you. Staying home in the midst of a global pandemic was certainly not how we anticipated our 12+ years at Perkiomen Valley to conclude. Just last week, our team was submitting forms to finalize our voter drive, which was supposed to occur this week—and in a matter of moments, it felt like everything was turned upside down. It’s unfair, and nothing can make up for that lost time.

And coming from a group of seniors, we understand that the 2020 election is probably at the back of your minds right now. Little things that you may have talked about with your friends or in class like debates, rallies, and primary results seem to not matter anymore. It all pales in comparison to wondering if we’ll have prom or graduation, not knowing when you’ll see your friends next, and hoping that your family emerges from the other end of this crisis safe and sound. We won’t try to downplay that. Even for us political junkies, turning on the news and generally paying attention to politics is extremely difficult. So we won’t expect you to pretend like it’s business as usual.

That being said, it’s important, now more than ever, to use your voice. We’re living through a major point in history, and as scary as it sounds, the world will probably never be the same. But how we decide to react to this, especially as young people, will be a part of that history. We can’t control everything that’s happening in the world—but that’s okay. For now, try to take charge of the little things. In the coming days, we’ll post resources for you to stay updated with everything. We’ll prepare instructions on how to register to vote online. Many states, including Pennsylvania, are planning on moving primaries. Some are switching to mail-in ballots. We’ll provide you with more information on what that means for you.

Don’t do this because your government teacher wants you to. Don’t do it because we’re asking you. Do it for yourself. This isn’t the senior year (or any year, for that matter) any of us wanted. But we can make the most of what we have. Keep an eye out for updates, and in the meantime, stay safe and stay strong, PV.

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